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Massive SCAM ALERT dont purchase anything from or they are scammers that need to get a life.  My brother and I got taken advantage of by these crooks.  We actually thought we were going to get 70% OFF retail prices.  Think again folk & is a major scam.  I wish I could leave a review on them other places but that takes up to much time. & will use fishing sites to get your cash and never ever give it back to you.  Make sure you run far far away if you see these websites.

Is a SCAM?  Hell to the yes

Is a SCAM?  Hell to the yes

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  1. Just been scammed by these prxxxx paid almost £40 for a “high end package” showing box full of items to receive at best a tenner selfie stick. Never buy from this company total scam merchants🤬🤬

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