Ashley Furniture Is A SCAM

Ashley Furniture Is A Scam

SERIOUSLY DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE.  Think about this and read this very carefully.

When you purchase something from Ashley Furniture you are not buying from “Ashley Furniture”  The store are not linked together as one.  Its actually the opposite.  That are all separate stores.  That’s right, you can not purchase an item from and return it to a store front Ashley Furniture.  Every Ashley Furniture is separately owned and basically separate stores.  This is horrible and needs to be heard.

SCAM ALERT & review Review

Massive SCAM ALERT dont purchase anything from or they are scammers that need to get a life.  My brother and I got taken advantage of by these crooks.  We actually thought we were going to get 70% OFF retail prices.  Think again folk & is a major scam.  I wish I could leave a review on them other places but that takes up to much time. & will use fishing sites to get your cash and never ever give it back to you.  Make sure you run far far away if you see these websites.

Is a SCAM?  Hell to the yes

Is a SCAM?  Hell to the yes SUCKS

So in order to get listed on you must add there business link to your home page.  This was done more than 3 weeks ago.  No response no nothing.  If is not going to be supervised I would suggest removing the site because its worthless.  Horrible business tactics.  Don’t say your going to do something and not do it.  If your not in the business of exchanging links then take down or at least not telling carpet cleaning companies that you will add there business link to