Mark Dannels Former Coquille Police Chief

I would seriously like to ask this man. How does it feel to take a decade away from a man’s life? This Chief of Police wrongfully convicted a man for manslaughter. This kind of stuff really pisses me off. He can’t even say sorry for what he’s done. The DNA wasn’t the man that he convicted. This right here is what degrades America, just Horrible. 20/20 Story

3 thoughts on “Mark Dannels Former Coquille Police Chief

  1. Asswipe actually says he “still believes (the innocent man who did 10 years) is guilty! Another p o s. Burn in hell please.

  2. First, I am a big upporter of law enforcement. However, this weasel needs to have everything taken from him.

    Have y’all seen his bio on the Cochise County Sheriff’s Website? No mention of his past in Oregon. He is a lazy, lying, no good that should be convicted of wrong doing. He is the reason people don’t trust cops.

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